Played gigs include:

Shambala festival. Northamptonshire.



Landjuweel Festival. Amsterdam.



Frank Turner presents Lost Evenings.



Hastings Fat Tuesday.



Supporting Frank Turner. Guildford.



Victorious festival. Portsmouth.


MARDHYS ( mar-diss) is a musical project founded by  songwriter Melatti Braam. All songs are written by this amazonian-like woman who says she is inspired by  the elements of music (rhythm, melody, harmony, timbre etc.) from all over the world. 


In early days MARDHYS evolved to the most exciting band at music uni and Guildford (UK) area, resulting in a performance  at the graduation of 2017 alongside Frank Turner in front of 2000 people in the beginning of their second year . MARDHYS is  a rather original project. You might recognise some of her favourite artists influences such as Jose Gonzalez and Paul Simon but there is no such thing as  ‘sounds like…’. The music is coined as a fusion of cultural music in combination with unorthodox use of time signatures and storytelling lyrics. 


Within  a short period of time MARDHYS has played on festivals such as Victorious (UK) and SHAMBALA Chai Wallahs stage (UK). MARDHYS records and collaborates closely with high-end musicians and producers such as bassist Tom Driessler (Adele, Yusef Kamaal), drummer Pharoah Russell (Emiliana Torrini, Joan Armatrading) and production engineer Marcel van Limbeek (Tori Amos), along  with excellent emerging talent such as Cherry T (drums), Pete Galea (drums and percussion) and Josh Hawkins (guitar) among several others. Currently MARDHYS is recording their first full album at Wildwood Music Studio in collaboration with Never Ever Media.

"MARDHYS tells unusual and mysterious folk tales with atmosphere, energy, rhythm and enchanting harmonies. They take you on a journey into the long forgotten dark woods and leave you wondering how you will find your way home." 

- Simon Gogerly, Grammy Award winning producer 

 "It is always a pleasure working with Mardhys; the clever arrangements and heart-felt narratives really do transport you into their world, when in rehearsals for studio and live"  

- Kieron Pepper, Head of Artist Development ACM / Ex-drummer of The Prodigy

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